blanca the rockstar hamster

Do not blame me, blame Paul Squires.  I could not get hamster poetry, so I was reduced to desperate measures.  (Not to add insult to injury, but that’s a pun.  Desperate measures.  Get it?) 

There once was a hamsta named Blanca

And after the boys she did hank ‘a

When babies she had,

Of course we were glad,

Though we’re not quite sure how we should thank ‘a

Now then, if you want to read real poetry, find that here.

For hamsters drawings, I recommend this blog.

And for famous chickens, check out this blog and this blog and this blog.  (Not fair!)

UPDATE:  The hamster/chicken rivalry has been further chronicled here.

15 thoughts on “not epic hamster poetry (sort of)

  1. This is getting out of control, in a wonderful sort of way. Blanca looks so cute in her portrait – though she is looking a bit put out (never mind, there will be other opportunities I am sure). I love the limerick – it is greatly underrated poetry form. Cheers Gabrielle

  2. Aletha – I have posted the lovely silkie pictures on my blog and written a little blog about the whole thing – so have a look see. Thanks for making me laugh.

  3. Blanca lost in thoughts, wondering if she needs a makeover,to compete with Pompadour, new look, new name maybe? “La principessa Bianca” maybe…Italian names are so fashionable!
    But no need for that, Blanca, you started that whole saga, being you.
    lovely portrait. I tried reading the poem with an appropriate accent!
    salut! Ben

  4. Gabrielle, You are very perceptive. I think Blanca is a bit put out. She’s in the mood for love, and we’re keeping her cloistered! So, meanwhile, I’m thinking I should get Blanca an agent. What about you, Gabrielle, are the chickens ready to tour? Are the chicks ready to make the big bucks? Maybe we can find a venue they can share ….


  5. Blanca does want a makeover! While we’re thinking up names for her, any idea what we could call her cage — something French maybe? Bonnard had Le Cannet …. What kind of villa name can a hamster have for her residence chez Blanca?


  6. A venue to share (maybe not physical as the dears are very territorial and might poke poke poke at your wee ones)- I have a multitude of ideas floating in my head, but I think a children’s picture book would be the best bet – story about love and hope and adventure, involving snooty chooks and mischievous hamsters. I wish I could draw and paint – you are so lucky!

  7. That would be great – I’m thinking of vanity as the theme. Will keep you informed of developments.

  8. we are just missing the “aperitif” while chatting,a Pernod, it’s what they would be drinking in Le Cannet.
    I would be “aux anges” to illustrate with such fine artists as AK and GB!
    Je pense a un nom pour la maison de Blanca…

  9. The deed is done – we will collaborate further (I wish I could understand what you were saying – but no matter – we will work it out!). Here’s to the chickens and hamsters!

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