Another shell, today’s sustained drawing, this one using watercolor pencils.  The light outdoors and hence indoors was diffuse.  We had mostly cloudy, humid weather with scattered thunderstorms and a high temperature of 80 degrees F, here in the Washington DC suburbs.  So I started another drawing of the shell sitting on top my black desk. 

The shades of color and different densities of darkness inside the black are as fascinating as the shell itself.  As you can see, I didn’t get as far as to create a complete background for my shell, more of a vignette around the edges. 

There’s so much to look at in small things.  All the differences around the edges can carry you a long ways.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Serious Sea Shell

  1. Looks good. If you hold it up to your ear you will mess the drawing up. If you hold a girl wearing shells up to your ear, she screams. I haven’t tried it, just heard it on the radio.

  2. Bill,

    So, I suppose you’ll have to be content doing a drawing of a girl wearing shells and risk messing up the drawing ….

    On the radio, did they preface it saying “don’t try this at home?”


  3. I don’t think that shell looks too serious – looks almost happy to me! Just kidding – lovely luminous shell. Cheers Gabrielle

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