princess dress2

I wrote yesterday about being a lazy draughtsman, how drawing from photos and searching for my inner Xerox machine lets me tune out everything except the color patches before my eyes.  It’s an uncomplicated kind of art in which I sometimes find refuge.  And, well, I went refuge seeking again today, having enjoyed it so much yesterday, and made a couple more drawings of my daughter in her “princess” dress.  She was playing with caterpillars. 

princess dress 3


12 thoughts on “Joy of Being Lazy

  1. Thank you Gabrielle, for the kind words and the link. What a lovely poem. I have wondered about that, too: why is it that art is “not supposed to be sentimental”? — when much of life is. When life is lovely, and art imitates life ….


  2. Your paintings are gorgeous as always, full of life and colour and joy and energy, we shall redefine just what sentimentality is.

  3. you always remind me that in art the first rule is no rule, or rules are there to be over passed, transcend,distorted.
    I did not see the distorted arm of your previous post until I red the comment of your daughter. Visions are multiple.
    These are beautiful, Aletha.

  4. Paul, I was thinking about you the other day — about your idea to eliminate words from your lexicon… remember that? Thankfully, your numerous readers talked you out of that plan –since we want you to have all words at your fingertips. But redefinitions — I could go for a scheme to redefine things… definitely.


  5. Ben, Yes. We need boundaries, and we need to defy rules also. No edges, no defiance. Yet one wants to be more than just defiant. One wants to create, and creation is sometimes all cooperation. Sometimes creating “goes with the flow” and resists nothing. It’s all very complicated. And I wish I knew how to say it in French! I need to return to my French reading.


  6. just for fun I tried translating, may be interpreting what you said:
    “Nous avons besoin de frontières et nous devons aussi defier les règles. Pas de limites, pas de défis. Et en même temps on veut être plus que simplement rebelle. On veut créer et quelquefois, créer c’est coopérer. Quelquefois créer c’est aller dans le sens du courant, se laisser aller sans résister.”
    translation is interpretation, I hope it goes in the same way.

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