Head in the Clouds

cloud study1

Drawing clouds from life has been on my “to do” list for quite some time.  Indeed, if we could abolish the IRS, the Department of Motor Vehicles, bill paying, house cleaning, hamster cage cleaning, dirty dishes, and chores in general, I would have made tremendous progress in my cloud studies by now.

We’d have to abolish jazz violin music, too, I fear.  Once I pick up the fiddle, I find it hard to stop playing. 

Anyway, I had some enforced outdoor time today.  The sky was lousy with clouds.  And I finally got around to making a couple very fast studies.  Unfortunately, I forgot to look inside my crayon box.  Duh.  I had no white.  Okay, a few nubbed down crumbs of white crayon left.  So the white of the paper, which natually plays a significant role in cloud drawing, got very little assistance from an added white — to my great annoyance.  But it is my motto that one makes do.  When you’re out in the field eye to eye with Mother Nature, no excuses.  I would have bruised some grass and drawn with chlorophyll if I’d had to — that’s how much cloud time I’ve had lately! 

But, you know what, next time I’m checking inside my box!

cloud study2

As I drew (cursing under my breath, “my kingdom for a white crayon”) I noticed that my clouds were really rollin’ by.  It’s one of the great things about drawing that the very activity of it is so beneficial, notwithstanding the outcome of the drawing itself.  Of course, I’m all in favor of making a nice drawing.  I try to get one as often as I can.  But just watching these clouds in their fast changes, and this attempt to capture in my brain (if not in the drawing) these shapes is so wonderful.  Makes one feel so alive.

Truly one does not appreciate clouds nearly enough.