koi latest

Evidently I was working on this back in April or thereabouts.  At least that’s when I first displayed the image here at a post entitled Do Clean House Occasionally.  I’ve been working on this picture again, bringing it up from its roughed-in beginnings, and gosh darn, I’ve been cleaning again too.  Is that weirdly psychological or what?

I’m getting so organized I scare myself.  I’m in serious danger of losing my membership in the Phyllis Diller fan club (where bicentennial cleaning is the ideal).  Well, organized or not, I cannot have been cleaning all that much because look how much progress I made on my painting.

9 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Lovely picture – we have a pond in our back garden, designed to attract frogs, but the fish are growing huge – reminds me of when we feed the fish – a frenzy of fish.

  2. Thank you, Bill. But notice that the koi don’t leave a trail of chocolate anywhere …. (a non sequitur to mystify subsequent readers, sending you more traffic, ah hem!) ak

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