head of a girl

While I’m on my memory theme, I took this face from some old master, but I can’t remember who or where.  (Other than that, and the continual dance of hide and seek that I play with my car keys, I have a great memory.)  I think it’s from a Degas portrait.  (Is there an art historian in the house?)

The advantage of drawing from old masters is that you get such neat ideas.  If I draw from life, I can use what this image teaches me.  Of course, I’m usually drawing fish.  But, hey, they have such fine chiseled profiles, they really do.

Anyway, my violin hero Stephane Grappelli used to play a Bach duo with Jean-Luc Ponty, de temps en temps.  They called it their “Bible.”  So, I take a break from my jazz koi to draw a little classical Degas sometimes.

6 thoughts on “Remembering: Putting Names with Faces

  1. Thank you, Paul. Her thoughts … she is thinking that she wishes Degas had spoken to her in as lovely a way as you used in that “lace” poem of yours. In that case, ol’ Degas had not been a curmudgeonly bachelor! ak

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