flower sketch one

My days have been so hectic of late, but today was a welcome contrast.  What  a lovely, quiet day of hours spent idling and lolling about.  The autumn air was unseasonably warm.   Had coffee in the kitchen beside the golden light of our little lamp.  Lazy tropical thoughts in my head.  After a bit, I took my coffee to the big window.  Had my notebook in my lap.  View of the trees beside me, leaves of changing colors, kind breezes coming through the open window, comforting humidity.  I had a long talk on the phone with my mom, and while we talked I sketched some flowers in the notebook. 

I love my notebook!  Spent long, lazy minutes doodling with it in my lap, talking with my mom, traveling back through time. 

Getting ready for making a shift to still life.  Still life.  It’s been my all-purpose aspiration these days!  Stillness, sweetness, not having to rush about so much!  One of those things that art does (it serves many aims, comes in many guises) is render things still.  Someone has said that the defect of painting is that it’s flat and it doesn’t move.   And for me that’s all the charm!  Let motion pictures charm the hectic world.  I crave stillness!  I get all the dizzy motion I want looking at inanimate objects.  “Does an apple move?” Cezanne asked.  Well, it did for him as his nervous, searching lines attest.    The contours around flowers can be very hard to pin down.  One would think the bouquets are dancing a ballet.

flower sketch two

flower sketch three

I like to draw things over and over.  If I paint these flowers, I’ll have drawn them a dozen times in advance.  These are artificial flowers, of course.  But there’s ways of playing around with drawing  when working from life too —  and lots of artifice involved in making things that are “real.”  My fake flowers make such demands on me that I’m scared of real ones.  And if you’ve ever seen one of those time-lapsed pictures of flowers, you discover that flowers are actually very weird and scary — one is wise to think twice about being alone in a room with a vase of tulips!

flower sketch four

The last have-at-it today needed crayons (of course).  Rather unapologetically I did not “finish” my sketch!  And there’s a whole bunch more unfinished drawings coming right behind these!

flower sketch detail

Lastly, I must include a detail of my unfinished drawing.  On a lazy day, one simply cannot neglect enjoying the laissez-faire of scribbled lines.  All my leisure lies suspended in these lines:  heedless, lazy, indulgent, contented, grateful! — on a quiet Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Idling

  1. ‘Oh the serenity’ – sounds like a lovely Sunday and your flowers are delightful. Laughed out loud with ‘flowers are actually very weird and scary — one is wise to think twice about being alone in a room with a vase of tulips!’ I agree totally. They start out all cool and together and then it’s like they are getting drunk – they loosen up and the petals start to look a little disheveled, then the petals start to drop off like they just don’t care anymore. Not to be trusted those tulips (though they are one of my favourites).

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drawing or painting by you that I would call ‘still’. They are all full of movement and energy even the portraits, the people don’t seem to be totally still. Besides there is never really ‘still life’, life is motion and movement, even when we are at out calmest and most relective. (And your writing is simply fabulous, again, and always.)

  3. Lovely post, thoughts expressed and delightful active drawings. Ha! the idea of being frightened to be alone with a vase of tulips is thoughtworthy. That is a surreal thought. G

  4. Quiet Sunday. On en a tous besoin de temps en temps.
    J’aime voir la naissance d’un tableau, ou d’une série de tableau, et c’est deja trés beau.
    Je prefères aussi le mot anglais “still life” que nature morte.

  5. Thank you for these sweet remarks. It’s like having a leisurely conversation with neighbors at the backyard fence — oh ye kindly neighbors of far away places! –ak

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