Working on the floor is fun

On her blog poet Gabrielle Bryden posted some photos of her office which has inspired me to post one of mine.  While it’s true that my “office” is really a studio with all the cumbersome stuff that artists need, I still enjoy fantasizing about being able to work from a very simple space.  I figure that if I were whittled down to the barest essentials, I could still manage fairly well if I simply had a floor.  Being a kid at heart, such an arrangement does not seem a sacrifice — more of an ambition as yet unreached.

A cup of coffee, a few pencils, a notebook, a floor, a planet with gravity and light — occasionally a chocolate yogurt — and I’m set!

Alas, all I really lack is a window view of kangaroos!

view out the window

However, at my DC studio I do have some very nice clouds.

4 thoughts on “My office is the floor

  1. A floor does nicely that is true. I do a lot of thinking while driving and listening to music and just lying in my hammock on the verandah. I jot notes in the many notebooks that I own, do more thinking, more notes and eventually sit at the computer and out it comes. And then I edit. That DC picture looks a bit like looking out of a prison cell – is there something you’re not telling us Aletha.

  2. Gabrielle,

    I’ve mused about “what if my car became my studio.” If I were deprived of studio space, my new art digs would be a Chevy Impala.

    Ah, notebooks! Isn’t it wonderful to have notebooks — more than one-at-a-time, of course!

    As to the DC studio, mum’s the word! –ak

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