I dug some large drawings out of storage to have a new look at them.  Old koi more scribbly than their more recent cousins.  These were made one fish removed from the real, abstractions formed of abstractions.  What can I say?  I like to scribble.  In these exercises in thought fish, it’s hard to identify the top of the picture, so it doesn’t strictly speaking have an “up.”  I made these somewhat like my old Aussie pal, the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye, my teacher I never met — anyway, I sat on the floor and drew with the fishes spreading out horizontally (as fishes should).

And so I compared the scribbly with their firmer finned friends — all this taking place, of course, at my secret studio in the capital of the USA.

10 thoughts on “A pond’s surface has no up or down

  1. Secret location – I’m getting very curious! No up or down – just like a real pond. Is there ever an up or down. I like to think that Australia is really at the top of the earth.

  2. The first are in such movement, swirling, diving, jumping, the second one are swimming calmly, they were just fed it seems.
    You made me discover Emily Kame Kngwarreye, what a woman,and paintings…

  3. Gabrielle, When we drive the Capital beltway, my daughter says that we are the “first” car in line and all the others are behind us — and the cars that are in front of us — well, they’re way behind! They’re last! ak

  4. Merci, Ben. I like to think that Emily “tapped” me on the shoulder, cause she kind of did. She also went “pst,pst” from across a room. Lovely wise old Aussi artist in heaven now. ak

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