Of course she needs no introduction, Blanca the world famous hamster, celebrated subject of story, verse and art as you can see here, here, here and here. (Sorry that’s all the links my browser can handle.  You’ll have to find the rest yourself.)

Here she appears in her little exercise ball by means of which she stays so fit and trim.  My kid drew Blanca in the ball — actually this is a detail from a larger scene.

5 thoughts on “More of Blanca the Famous Hamster

  1. Une famille d’artistes!
    Blanca a un petit air de Milou (Snowy),
    tres beau dessin, bien observé.

  2. Hamster Hotel needs to add a Pompadour Palace to get the Chinese Silky chicken emulation business also — where the customers can have their doos dyed green!

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