I was thinking about Renoir after reading a Facebook page discussion of one of the artist’s paintings in a Washington museum.  Decided to think with the pencil.


After I took these photos, while looking at the Renoir picture some more, I decided I had further thoughts about it, so I did some reworking.

And up close …

My version’s different from the old guy’s, as versions always are, but I hope I captured some of his bright optimism concerning young women, youth and beginnings in life.


4 thoughts on “Thinking about Renoir

  1. Hi Aletha. I was just searching the net for nice art and found your sketch inspired by Renoir’s ‘On The Terrace’. I just love it, well done. I’m studying primary school teaching and I’ve to do a project including 10 pieces of art that children would look and respond to. Would you mind if I used your sketch for this? It’s a really beautiful piece and suitable for art class (could bring in ‘what do you think she’s feeling/thinking?’ etc.) Thanks, Sinéad

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