I based this drawing on one from a “how to draw” book, changing it enough (I hope) that perhaps even the original artist would not recognize it.  My aim was to get back into the habit of drawing faces, also to do them quickly, and to use whatever means are lying around.  Perhaps I’ll get back into the habit of asking people to let me draw them — and overcome my shyness!  perhaps we can create an “a-day” motivator for that too!  — un-shy-thing-a-day that I did today — any takers?  Any reticient types out there ready to join me?

My thinking is that the more I’m able to compose a face quickly, perhaps I won’t even have to ask people.  Maybe I’ll just transform into a camera.   The second virtue in using other artists’ drawings and transforming them is that you gain experience in innovation.  You are using a thing, but changing the thing too.  And the use doesn’t really quite count (as innovation) unless you change it a lot.  And yet it doesn’t count as “copying” unless it’s reasonably faithful to the original.  (Jazz musicians will understand what I mean.)

Was also thinking I might find a husband for Renoir’s sweet looking young woman.  But neither of these will do.  One’s too old, the other’s way too serious.

3 thoughts on “Faces for drawing a day

  1. She is such a sweet thing, needing a sweet young companion. Regarding the ‘un-shy-thing-a-day that I did today’ thingy – I find that avoidance is the best policy but I will think about it. I have a great fear of socialising at conferences after having a couple of panic attacks but I don’t have to do that anymore so that’s for the best. One day I might have to do a poetry reading but I don’t even want to think about that – Squires is feeling brave (see his new year resolutions) so we might just leave it up to him to take centre stage.

  2. You are so right, Gabe, she needs a good fellow. You also have a great idea there regarding Squires — perhaps we should make him our designated getting-over-shyness proxy person!
    (It sure works for me!) (And if he’s reading, I’m wishing him the best grand good luck in his poetry readings which I know will be a smash.)

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