My companion, my mom,  had to write in her diary and I drew bottles while she did.  It can be disconcerting what to write.  Why should I write that?  What does it matter?  But, it’s the truth I said.  What does it matter what I had for dinner?  Because it’s the texture of your life, I said.  (I guess I can be really annoying, but remember I majored in English.)

While she wrote, I drew bottle tops.  Why bottle tops?  What do they matter?  They’re just there.  But, let me tell you, those bottles were (are) so incredibly beautiful, and I never noticed until I started drawing them just because they’re there.  It is reality we’re observing.  It is light curving toward us, bending, reflecting, distorting, refracting, scattering, hiding — doing all the things light does to objects in the universe.

Why draw ordinary things?  Because they are true, because they are there.  (And so are we.)

How I wish I could have brought you the beauties in our bottles, but it eluded me.  I guess you’ll have to draw your own bottles.  Meanwhile, this is all of the beauty I could catch.

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