Drawing flower studies

Life can alter how an artist works in beneficial ways whenever one learns to accept complications as challenges.  I find myself in circumstances where I cannot paint because of continual interruptions.  It’s just the nature of my schedule at present.  My schedule will change, but in the interim I use the challenge to approach my art in new ways.  I never have been one to paint a still life from composite imagery.  Until now every still life I ever did was made in front of a subject and invention played no role.  Yet one knows that the old masters did perhaps most of their painting from composite situations of one kind or another.  (Take for example the seventeenth century conceit of bouquets assembled from flowers that never bloom together such as one sees in the works of Ambrosius Bosschaert and others.)

Toward my aim of painting without depending so much upon the still life, I’m making drawings of  parts of the composition.  Granted I do have a still life set up, but I’m using it in different ways.  Thus some of my drawing-a-day images are vignettes of flowers.