I drew the doll all day yesterday and was so pleased with the results.  I fully expected to continue the theme, but the doll would have none of it.  So I drew this potted plant instead.  At least Doll left me this clementine.

Did a little warm up before I took on the whole plant.


3 thoughts on “Doll’s Day Off

  1. The Doll’s Union certainly requires 1 day off per week, preferably 2. The clementine is splendiferous and edible I think. Did you see Squires last post – I have included you in the comment (we talk about the gravity situation).

  2. It is good to look at your drawings, I missed them.
    Les prochains, poupées-fleurs, ou fleurs de poupées?
    Qui a dit que les feuilles sont vertes et les ombres grises?

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