As advised by her union, Doll has taken another day off.  In her absence I turned my attention to my creamy colored creamer.

The great artist Edgar Degas once said, “il faut refaire la même chose dix fois cent fois”  (you must redo the same thing ten times, a hundred times), but hopefully Doll won’t be gone that long.

I don’t know whether or not another French expression applies here.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. (The more things change,  the more they stay the same.)

Or whether my creamer metamorphoses or stays the same.

I gave it the most loving attention that could be fixed upon a little creamer.

I even drew what it feels like, drawing without looking at it, drawing with the sense of touch.

I drew it many times, and still it has secrets to share.

Let’s have a nice round of applause for the star of the show, the Creamer!


16 thoughts on “La Crème de la Creamers

  1. As Union Representative for the Dolls, I would also like to inform you that Creamers also fall under my responsibility and we will be monitoring the number of days of work involved. But we are pleased that payment for the Creamer, in this instance – beautiful and insightful pictures that will immortalise said Creamer, is over and above the Award payments and therefore, entirely satisfactory.

  2. Le “creamer” n’a pas un aussi joli nom en français,
    c’est simplement “le petit pot de crême”, mais une image vaut mille mots, alors rien a regretter devant d’aussi belles images.

  3. We anglophones have stolen so many French words, that I’m sure (I’m speaking on behalf of all Anglodom) it would be okay if the French took our word “creamer.” Just use it well, that’s all we ask.

  4. D’accord, on pourrait dire le crimeur,
    ça rime avrec frimeur,
    le crimeur frimeur (the creamer show-off) aux multiples portraits.

  5. Aletha,
    I’m so glad I found this blog! I’m a beginner and your posts bring me inspiration and courage to keep up with my drawings. You’ve got such a poetic line! Thank you for sharing it on the web!

  6. Constanza, I’m so glad you like the blog and hope you find many things to help you along in your drawing journey. Thanks so much for commenting and please comment again. Aletha

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