Le dessin est la probité de l’art.

Dessiner ne veut pas dire simplement reproduire des contours; le dessin ne consiste pas seulement dans le trait: le dessin c’est encore l’expression, la forme intérieure, le plan, le modelé.  Voyez ce qui reste après cela!  … Si j’avais une enseigne à mettre au-dessus ma porte, j’écrirais: Ecole de Dessin et je suis sûr que je ferais des peintres.

Drawing is the integrity of art.

Drawing does not mean simply reproducing contours.  Drawing does not reside solely in line;  drawing is also the expression, the interior form, the composition, the modeling.  Show me what’s left after that!  If I put a sign above my door, it would say Drawing School; and be sure, I would produce painters.

                                                                                                           — Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


3 thoughts on “Art Quote du Jour

  1. Le dessin est la probité de l’art, cela me va trés bien comme citation, merci Ingres de l’avoir dit et Aletha de nous le rappeller.

  2. So is this your drawing or an Ingres? I like the feel of it.

    And, also, he didn’t get good by posting once a month if you get my drift.

  3. Merci, Ben et Ingres.

    Bill, You must be trying to butter me up — of course, must admit people are constantly confusing Ingres’s work and mine … but the drawing is one of his. As to the postings, I have “drift” problems. I have been surviving (so far) Washington DC’s historic snow storm (60 inches, I quote Mayor Fenty for the amount). Almost able to put down my shovel and take up my brushes. Almost. One finds, however, that in the battle with Mother Nature, Mother Nature always, always wins. AK

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