I’ve been under the weather for a couple weeks.  I now have a new appreciation for that expression since my alter-ego, my car, was literally under the weather in the form of several feet of snow.  But Car and I reappear.  While I was digging my alter-ego, my car, out from the snow I caught a cold that afterwards metamorphosed into a sinus infection.  Many cups of tea, tablets of Claritin, little Aleve pills later (let me not forget also my Vick’s Vaporub and many pails of steam) I’m back.  (cough, cough)

I was high rolling through my New Year’s resolution to draw more, when last we met.  All that pittered away leaving only a shining memory.  I’m trying to rediscover that path.  Time to turn some of that drawing into painting, hence the above.

It’s not finished.  It’s nothin’ to write home about.  But I held paint brushes in my hand today and felt like a human being again.  Thank you Mother Nature for not sending us Washingtonians any more lovely snow.  Thank you pharmaceutical companies for inventing cold remedies.  Thank you snow plow drivers for clearing a path to the local drug store.  And thank you Prince Georges County Public Schools for the week of two hour delays that let me sleep late.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


4 thoughts on “Out of the Doldrums

  1. That is a fantastical splash of colour. I have set understanding more about colour as my goal for the beginning of this year. So far I haven’t got past the naming of the primary colours but I will be reading you with even more attention.

  2. Thank you Gabe and Paul for the kind comments. Paul, for one your primaries — may I refer you to the lipstick section of the department store for many intriguing ways of saying “red.” (Of course the Crayolas are also a great place for seeing color words invented — I’m sure Tessa and Michael could back me up on this.)

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