The painting I displayed in a previous post has gotten the ax.  I turned it over and painted this quick study of a rose — with a few flower friends faintly adumbrated on the sides.  Just couldn’t get the first study going, so I ditched it.  Meanwhile, this rose is the same one I’ve drawn over and over. 

There’s even a new “study” drawing that I made this week:

And another more developed small painting:

I have stared at this plastic flower so much I think it’s beginning to feel self-conscious.


4 thoughts on “The Rose of Indecision

  1. I hope the rejected picture doesn’t get annoyed with you. A new word for me ‘adumbrated’ – I like it – something to do with umbrellas – the shadow. Beautiful roses (we don’t need to know it’s plastic).

  2. Yes we do need to know if it is a plastic rose or a fresh one from the garden, which would be totally unfair!
    J’ai toujours un faible pour les croquis au crayon que je trouve toujours trés touchant.

  3. “To prefigure indistinctly; foreshadow; To disclose partially or guardedly; To overshadow; shadow or obscure.”

    It’s a great word, isn’t it!

    Reminds me of lines from a Degas poem: Piron, plus gai que delicat, dit partout qu’un chat est un chat. Moi, je dis le contraire. Souvent un seule mot en dit beaucoup trop. Mais qu’une gaze fine, sans cache les traits, voile le portrait, le reste se devine.” “Le reste se devine,” the rest is “abumbrated.” (Could be one translation.)

    [Piron, more gay than discreet says everywhere that a cat is a cat. Me, I say the opposite. Often a single word says too much. But a fine veil, without hiding the features, reveals the portrait. The rest is guessed.]

    note: “gay” above means, of course, “happy, cheerful, chipper.”

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