The swift bracing thrill of fast

Certain artists were so visually inclined that I think they drew very nearly every idea that crossed the screen in their heads.  Ingres was like that.  If Ingres thought maybe this finger should be closer to that finger or that maybe the sitter should be wearing a ring instead of a bracelet, he drew it.

I’ll never be in Ingres’s class, but he inspires me to work.  If I have an idea, I try to draw it.  And to draw many ideas, you have to draw a lot.  I try to have lots of ideas.  And if I find I don’t have ideas, I draw anyway.  Sometimes any idea will do.

This drawing was about nubby little trees and shrubs on a hillside.


Merits of Waiting

These days with a deadline looming, I work wherever, whenever, I can.  My kid had a school event, and I had to wait around.  Poof!  A drawing.  I tell you, these days, if I find myself sitting in one spot for fifteen minutes, I whip out the notebook.

Note of warning: don’t try this while you’re driving.

A green day of imagining

This idea of hills under a summer sky undergoes permutations.  In the previous post, I alluded to the ways that studies for a picture are like casting calls for a play.  Only in my case I am casting several plays at once.  One play is for a hillside with a mirror of water.  This play features hills that cradle a meandering stream.

The image started out as a rectangle, but it transformed into a square because my paper was square.

This last version is the one I’m painting from, though I’ve no idea how much the painting will resemble it.  Once you begin fiddling around with everything, who knows what might happen.

Color as Theater

Cranking out drawings has me busy filling up the minutes and hours of my days in a most delightful fashion.  I strive to draw faster than I can think.  Indeed, I need to work like mad because I have a lovely deadline looming. 

One way to get the ideas flowing is very simple:  change the colors.

Different papers, different color areas, different degrees of finish, slightly different shapes in each iteration.

The addition of a weird pink cloud …. 

These are the dress rehearsals and the auditions combined.  All the landscape elements come dressed and in character, and I must observe them in their roles and afterwards determine how the drama shall be acted.