Writing about my art presents me with a daily challenge: how to keep being interesting?  How do I translate my experiences, my humble quotidien, personal, repetitive experiences into something that various unknown others can feel.  So often my first impulse is merely to say, “I did thus and so.”  I, me, myself did this marvelous happy artist thing today.  And the pronouns glare at (me) as (I) sit here tapping away on (my) keyboard.

Make it about something else, about someone else!  (I say.)

Making it about you is more challenging.  Oh, it makes my brain hurt!  (After a long day.)

And, that’s part of what the painting is for — for you.  My pronouns transformed into colors and forms are my quotidien razzmatazz intentions carved out into colored air, something we can both see, and something I can say — oh, so earnestly — without my brain having to work too hard.

The above is a painting based on the drawings of a previous post.  I’m still working on it.


2 thoughts on “Translating Pronouns

  1. I quite like that smooth look and now I remember what a pronoun is, so it’s all good. We have a cyclone heading towards the Queensland coast so fingers crossed it will all be good here too (it’s not due to land until the weekend and hopefully it will be further North than us). These things aren’t good for my chickens (Pompi will be all aflutter if the wind picks up too much).

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