The tables are ready.  The Koi are ready.  All that is missing is you!  If you’re anyway near Baltimore, Maryland, visit the Koi at the Parkside Restaurant.  The Koi will be swimming there through April.


11 thoughts on “A view of the pond from across the room

  1. I love them all – and it’s great to see them together. Each one is beautiful, and together they are powerful. Really makes the whole place sing… (or should I say swim?)

  2. Les chaises bleues en premier plan vont parfaitement avec le bleu de l’eau!
    Trés belle série Aletha, bravo

  3. Patrice, Paul, & Ben — thanks all. I’m so glad to have them up. And now to paint more stuff! Ben, that was a happy bit of luck about the chairs! –ak

  4. It is an awesome display. I see the movement and the details, but you have captured the spirit of the koi. Wish I could see these in person, but I am in Texas.

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