Stalked By Koi

Sometime or other back in 1996, or thereabout, the National Gallery of Art had an exhibit of Asian art and sold some pretty tea pots in their gallery sales shops.  I bought this blue and white tea pot and made drawings of it.  Of course, it has carp swimming along its smooth sides amid other swirly patterns and decorations.

I turned it around and drew the other side too.  And the carp swim there as well.  Even when I am not drawing fish, I am drawing fish.

Some of my fishes are swimming in the Parkside Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, now.  And if you go see them, you can watch them swim even while drinking tea, perhaps even tea steeped in a fine Chinese-looking teapot.

Their swimming makes for nice obsessions.  It’s really quite delightful to be stalked by koi.