New Thought piece (a super bargain)

Since conceptual art is all the rage, and since I figure I could use some extra cash, I have decided to offer occasional thought-ful pieces (get it) to the public for sale.  Now, whereas I offer my “representational” art for very reasonable prices, I must in the interest of joining the conceptual art bandwagon offer my thought pieces at unreasonable prices, keeping them more in line with the global art market.  Nevertheless, astute collectors will find that my unreasonably priced conceptual pieces are still a Walmart bargain compared to everything else that’s out there.

Above, for sale (not sold in stores) is a pink eraser, pictured with a lovely largish rock.  One instantly remarks upon its exquisite scale.  (The rock can be purchased separately.)

Considered from the perspective of thought, I guarantee that thought-for-thought you’ll get more thought-for-your buck here.  I can beat anybody, anywhere, when it comes to price.

This pink eraser is available for only $499,999 (US dollars).  Yes!  You read that correctly!  How can this be true?  Compared to conceptual art anywhere else, you’ll never find a pink eraser for bargain prices like this again.  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime sales event.

This pink eraser has erased my mistakes, and it can erase yours too.  (It’s interactive upon purchase.)  I have created positive and negative energies with it — which is to say, to all the in-the-know types out there, that I’ve rubbed and smudged drawings with it — not just erased!  It has, as one critic so aptly phrased it, “carved away the marks in a progressively evolving visual experiment.”

It’s a fine pink color.  Has an impecable provenance, having never left the artist’s studio — well, except for a few brief occasions when it was borrowed by the kid and later turned up in a pile of stuff along with some previously missing socks, pairs of scissors and tape dispensers.

It abounds in subtlety and nuance and has all its most recent ….  (Oops, actually I’m typing from text for another post.  Sorry.) 

In the image above, you see it being attacked by a spider.  Gentle collectors should not be alarmed.  The eraser is not harmed; the spider is not real!  I merely provide a virtual glimpse into the deeply profound and myriad scary facets of the pink eraser’s more complete significations through this adventurous image!

Purchase of the pink eraser can be accomplished using either a check or major credit card.  (However, bad checks will be returned with a $30 punishing fee.  And, that said, frivolous buyers are heartily encouraged to send many bad checks.) 

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery (in the United States — make that 4 – 6 months everywhere else).  The artist will gladly contemplate other offers if rendered in cold hard cash using crisp and true American money. 

To see previous conceptual art by this artist, click here.  And especially here.


What I might look like if I weren’t so beautiful

Okay, maybe I would actually look like this at the time of my arrest.

The kid and I went to see an exhibit of student art yesterday.  Among the works that caught my attention were several self-portraits, almost all of which were larger than life size.  Since it’s harder to draw something either larger or smaller than “apparent size,” I left wondering how all these kids managed to do such masterful jobs with their pictures.  (I have a working theory, but I’m keeping it under my hat.)

Anyway, inspired, I decided to go home and have a wack at it myself.  This is the first.  I know I look awful, but do remember (or know — those friends who find this in other countries) today is the day before the Federal Tax is due.

Here’s some of my colleagues (who don’t pay taxes — yet) looking really super.  These kids are all in either junior or senior high.

This one’s by a friend of ours!

There were many fabulous others.  Yes, I know.  I like the kids’ versions better too.  Hey, it’s my first try!

Scale in art has its own effects, different in every case.  To give an indication of how large this drawing is I photographed it against things (things that demonstrate how erudite I am!).

I’m going to revisit this theme again.  Some happier day — with make-up!  Until that day, here’s looking at you, kid.