I needed a day at the beach real bad.  So I went there in imagination by drawing my favorite object of nature.

This was mostly a left-hand day, too.  I wanted to be very carefree.

Looking for all the angles, I turned my shell upside down.  I think.  Actually, I’m not sure it has an upside.

Looked at the lines.

Looked at forms and shadows.

Tried one path and changed my mind.


And then I had to go home.  The beach of the imagination has less sand than a real beach, less of a wonderful breeze, but it still has magic.


4 thoughts on “My day at the beach of thought

  1. Does that mean you are ambidextrous? or is it difficult to use your left hand? I am glad you enjoyed your imaginary outing and your shells are whispering something (as shells are want to do).

  2. Gabrielle, It’s difficult to use the left hand in a controlled way, which is why I like doing it. Makes the lines more jumbly, makes me concentrate more. Theoretically it kicks in the right hemisphere — more.

    Glad you notice that the shells whisper, I always hope people hear them.

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