The me-of-yore you all know so well.

My recent arrest photo when I was caught selling forgeries of a pink eraser on the international conceptual art market.

Me during my vivid Blue Period (move over, Picasso).

The “yikes!” me when I learned that our hamster had babies (nine!).

This is a pensive me when I was  39 years old.

And this is my basic everyday self, when I’m not in jail, not dealing with overly fecund rodents, and not feeling “Blue.” 

Naturally, you all want to see more of the myriad, many facets of me (I’m deep), but you’ll just have to wait for another post!!


4 thoughts on “Many Versions of Me

  1. This is the proof that great talent and humor are highly compatible. I love the touch of the striped t-shirt in your arrested picture!
    encore une fois tres rigolo!

  2. Splendid portraiture. I particularly love your arrest shot (right up there with all those famous actors who have been arrested). I’ll never forget your dismayed by Blanca picture.

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