Sometimes the key is to count.  To make many, to make merry, count! In music you count the beats or the measures.  You can count the number of drawings you make and become prolific.

As you replay an idea, you can change it a little.  Variations on a theme works with a line as well as with a melody.  Yesterday was my day to take a break from other things, and I found myself too fatigued as well as too lazy and distracted to make much sense of the daylight.  So I picked the charming ceramic Spanish guitarist off the shelf and played a few riffs off her shape.

I decided to be as lazy in my drawing as I was in my head and let the pen lines venture where they willed.

Some of the drawings got a little crazy.

I turned her this way and that, then she began to sing as well as play.

Sometimes your art should be play!  Why be so serious?  Sometimes a glass of wine — or perhaps just as intoxicating a cup of tea! — and let the pen lines play havoc with life!

I always have a few games to make my fingers dance — to escape the leaden moods — to wind my way back from the forest of duties into some quiet, airy place composed entirely of lines — folding and coiling lines!

Count!  Dance, sing, tap the beats —  measure, measure, clap and step until the music stops!