I’ve been looking forward to working outdoors some with the warming season.  My plans hit a little snag however:  I caught a cold.  So today I work en plein maison, which would be something I just made up, and it’s the opposite of en plein air.  Working en plein maison on a nice day means pushing a crayon around in a desultory way while remaining at all times within arm’s reach of a coffee cup and a box of Kleenex.

Here’s two efforts at drawing, done from pictures in books.  Van Gogh said you have to suffer for art.  Tell me about it.  Achoo!  Slogging right along …


4 thoughts on “Suffering for Art

  1. il faut souffrir…et bien quand cela donne une aussi belle vue que le 2e dessin, cela vaut la peine mais je te souhaite de ne plus souffrir surtout d’un rhume au printemps.

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