I say I’ll paint outdoors again, so naturally I stay inside.  It’s hard to make plans.  I never could get away so I made a virtue of necessity and drew still lifes indoors. 

The bouquet is just as good as a tree top.  Up it goes (see how nearly trunk-like the glass vase is) and out it expands, flowers like boughs, everything hanging this way and that, expand, expand.  A little bit of satin blue-grey-green sky all around.  A bright shiny lawn of exceedingly vivid satin green.  Presto chango — the outdoors imagined!

Never were faux silk flowers more attuned to Nature.


4 thoughts on “En Plein Bouquet

  1. Your posts are so intriguing. I wish you lived just up the road so I could mooch a cup of coffee and have a chat…

    More ferocious drawings… !!

    I like seeing your setup, too. You are wonderful at sharing.

  2. Une représentation d’une représentation d’une représentation d’un bouquet, comme des poupées gigognes (comme les poupées russes qui s’emboîtent les unes dans les autres, une photo du set-up d’une peinture d’une bouquet de soie de fausses fleurs = woah!)

  3. Patrice, would that you could mooch coffee! I’m glad you enjoy the blog though far away.

    Gabrielle, thank you for being jealous! That’s fabulous and very kind!

    Ben, I cannot reply toute en francais, mais … I am bustin’ that I can actually read this comme c’est! En l’art, les idees s’emboitent dedan eux-memes commes les poupees russes! Merci for the “woah.”


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