With a Howard Hodgkin controversy still floating in my head, I happened to glance at my still life still in progress and found myself wondering if a little Howard Hodgkin at the center wouldn’t help things out — a loosening of the forms throughout the flowers.  Some of it, as above, is already there, as you can see in this detail of the center flowers.

Below, a Howard Hodgkin for comparison:

And below the whole still life as it now stands:

I first wrote about it here.

I like my little guitarist.

She is at present the only part of the picture I am completely happy with, which makes this picture, at the moment, a Picture of a Spanish Guitarist “with bouquet of flowers and other stuff near by.” So, you see, I’m still dealing with myopia — only likeing parts of my picture.


7 thoughts on “More Myopic Thoughts

  1. Squires, are you not the kindest gentleman on the planet? Now I will look for the soft, wistful and gentle something, thinking it there because you said so.

  2. I like the way you demystifies art:
    Spanish guitarist with bouquet and other stuff near by. Excellent title. And no you cannot crop the image because the teapot is actually making a halo on the guitarist head.

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