Thinking of resuming work on a large painting I began years ago.  To get back the sense of it I’ve drawn the principle actor of the picture, this fish.  I think of him as the Pixelated fish, “Pixel” for short because he started out as low resolution picture I found on the internet that I enlarged by a large magnitude.  He’s another of my obsessions.  (I could say “favorites” but “obsession” sounds so much more artsy and deep.)

Well, he swims by every now and then.  And he’s back.

3 thoughts on “Pixel, the obsession

  1. I think obsession might be right word to use regarding your fishy fish – ha,ha. What a lovely luminous fish Pixel is. Glad you enjoyed your break. Can you email me Aletha (my PC has gone to PC heaven and I’ve lost most of my email addresses – I’m using my laptop).

  2. Fishion. (That’s supposed to be a joke. In English fission — some physics thingy for creating energy — turned here to fish-shun.)

    I should never try to make these jokes ….

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