You could roll your thought up, press it down hard, hammer it until very dense, burnish it (or them, if you’ve a few), and then bore holes for the fingers, hold it then brightly, confidently, let your arm swing back, then forward concentrating, and aimed well, released with powerful force,

it sails down the alley and maybe overturns the bright jazzberry jam colored tree there in the distance!

And when the bowling ball reaches the horizon sometimes it scatters into fluffy clouds.


3 thoughts on “the Bowling Alley

  1. What’s going on! – your turning into a literary genius. It’s weird too because just a few weeks ago I was trying to write a poem along the same lines (turning thoughts into concrete things).

  2. Great minds! Run amok — no! — make that together…. I was reading your mind, you see. And with the time difference I was probably sound asleep when I was doing it! That’s pretty neat.

    Thanks for the genius thing, that will bolst my spirits for quite some time!

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