It’s hard to really know people, and that fact, I think, applies as much to oneself as to others.  It’s hard to know who you are, and it’s sensible and not narcissistic to occasionally inquire into the nature of one’s self.

The means of mirror gazing are many.  For artists the self-portrait is one means. 

Naturally just as one witnesses different aspects of other people, just in that way it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to discover that one finds different facets to oneself.

And you can portray yourself in different ways.  And why not deliberately seek to know these other aspects of the self?  Or if one only stumbles upon them, that too is knowledge….

3 thoughts on “Self Portrait-ing

  1. Dessiné d’après une photo ou en te regardant dans le miroir? La pause de 3/4 en regardant par dessus l’épaule doit être difficile a tenir.
    Ires beaux portraits, avec une ligne très sensible.

  2. Merci les filles. All the self-portraits I’ve done have been in front of a mirror. And it is complicated sometimes with a pose, to draw and then have to get back into the pose, then draw again, etc. Only time (so far) that I drew myself from a photo was in a painting depicting me at age two. But I have some pictures taken from when I was young (around age 20) that I’ve been thinking of using now.

    Alas, though I can pose and be my own model. Using that method, I can only take me as I am now! And youth — ah, that has fled me!

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