Sometimes life throws you for a loop.  You have plans to do such and such, and it doesn’t work out.  Maybe your driver’s license comes up for renewal, and you have to postpone your paradise so that you can stand on line for endless hours.  That’s not what happened to me, but that’s the other loop I’ll be thrown into when I get free of this one.

Anyway, I’ve learned with the years that for an artist the key to dealing with life’s unexpected and sometimes unpleasant surprises is to have plans B, C and even D safely tucked in one’s pocket. 

I had to interrupt my lovely work’s momentum to do something perfectly mindless for onwards a week now.  But I have picked myself up (figuratively), dusted myself off, and I’m mentally swimming the koi pond again, if not in fact, then almost in fiction.

I had an image I stole (top of the post), that I cut into four segments, rearranged, and to which I later added things, new fish.  It’s a mode of invention I borrowed from Peter Paul Rubens (and from whomever he borrowed it from).  I come back to it now as a thirsty person comes upon a clear stream (or these days comes upon a little store that sells cold drinks).

In this picture I see the possibilities for endless others.  And when possibility is what you’ve got, you take it. 

Possibility first, reality after.

2 thoughts on “Life in Progress

  1. That’s really cool. There is a constant flow of things that interrupt, so one has to adapt and be flexible – something I’m getting better at, but which I still hate. I laughed at your reference to the clear stream – a little bit Robin Hood in the forest 😉

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