Back to the Koi Pond (happy again)

I got back to work today after a detour of over a week spent doing life’s unglamorous, necessary chores.  Fittingly I dove into the koi pond again, ever my refuge.  Here’s what I was able (joyfully, indulgently) to do during a day’s session.

My fish swim into the pond from left to right.  Here they come now.

Before long the pond is full and almost everybody’s arrived.

The koi begin to separate into individual identities.

And as I left the pond today, the water was becoming a darker blue, some koi were getting their spots and stripes, and a reflection or two waved over the surface of the water.  During my next visit to the pond, I’ll layer colors one over another through the whole pond,  filling out fish personalities, peering into the pond’s entire watery warp and weft.

It’s good to be back.