The koi fishes of the latest large koi drawing (bottom picture) have friends in the earlier drawings.  I’ve never seen the drawings together — except here on my computer.  My studio is too small for me to look at the other koi while I work on new ones.  But I have to wonder how big my koi pond has gotten … if I put all my koi pictures together. 

Suffice to say I’ve used up a bunch of blue crayons of various shades.  And I work so much and yet I hardly ever get wet.   And saying that, I realize now that I really need to get myself to a swimming pool.  It’s mid-July!  But I love my fishies almost too much to take time away from them. 

Life’s a beach koi pond.


4 thoughts on “Swimming in the adjoining ponds of imagination

  1. More koi Jazz! A long and gorgeous trilling right hand cascade down the keyboard, Oscar Peterson style, all done in colour and movement! Life is a koi pond indeed!

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