Owning It

I want to own an Ingres drawing, but they’re all already mostly spoken for and a bit out of my league financially those that are still floating about.

So I copy.

And then you own something.  Your thoughts about it that you made with your pencil and with your mind!

Myself Squared

I’ve been told that math replicates nature and that other things — patterns especially — express mathematical relationships.  And I cling to this notion, I do.  For the mathematical nature of reality is something I deeply respect.  Indeed I respect all the ways that Nature is understood, even if (as with math) I don’t understand the representations.  I am beyond math illiterate.  Math illiteracy would be a step up from my dungeon of unnumerical ignorance.

Anyway, on a whimsical morning I squared myself using a very mathematical tool, my computer.  And it seemed to be a fitting gesture — a kind of handshake in thought to poor Ellsworth Kelly who I mischieously disparaged (and doing so has brought my little bloggie many hits) and to Jennifer Bartlett, the now somewhat overlooked but very clever painter of steel tiles and gridded life since the mid-1970s.

I will square my little fishes, my beloved koi too, but that is for another day.  The squares are a device that’s becoming a bit over-worked in artists’ studios, but what of that.  Who would deny us our fun, those of us who turn the image into big chucky bytes?

Anyway, like Betty Crocker I am seldom seen photographically.  But I thought I’d make one brief appearance, and then it’s back to my pencils and self-portraits.