Portrait Party Favors!

Bénédicte drew me at her blog!  Here I am with koi fishes swimming all around, me and them in the gridded blue pond of life!

See and read about me and the koi, too, at Carnet de Dessins.

[merci, Ben]


Guest at the party

My friend Bénédicte of Carnet de Dessins has been participating in Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, and I sort of went along to the party as Benedicte’s guest.  I found Benedicte’s picture and began making several versions of it.  I’ve been following Degas’s dictum, “il faut refaire la même chose dix foix, cents fois….”  [“You must redo the same thing ten times, a hundred times.”]  I’ve got a bunch of versions so far, but none quite captures the lovely enigma of Bénédicte’s self-portrait photo.

I have been drawing and drawing.  There’s two portraits of Ben by other artists that I would love to rival, this one by Ujwala Prabhu and this one by Mariah Oneill.  But their drawings would be hard to beat.  Anyway, it’s intriguing how much mileage you can get from one photo — equally intriguing are the ways one’s mind reinvents an image after its own fashion.

Il faut refaire …. good thing I’ve got plenty of paper and pencils!