Recall I told you to hide the drawings you made for the Drill Sergeant from the irksome inner editor who is locked in the hallway broom closet — for the editor’s wily, and he’s in that broom closet relentlessly working the lock.  He’ll even slide under the thin crack of space below the door if he has to — he has Hoodini powers of escape.

Put the drawings out of sight for a season.  (You’ll learn how long this period has to be — every case is different.)  Work like a slave, but only peek at the results during “vacation.”

Listen only to the Drill Sergeant telling you to work.  Forget the editor, he’ll waste your time with worrying and hand-wringing.  Someday he’ll be useful, and you’ll know when to set him free (every case is different).

[This post is dedicated to the life and memory of Paul Squires of Gingatao, a great poet of the early 21st century.]


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