The koi swam in synchronous syllogistic curlicues/in anti-haiku alterred upside downedness

being fish/singing something only fish can hear/some of the fish are bold/some serene/the bold ones seem confident, resolute, fast, rash, nimble

the serene ones seems settled, exuberant, stately, munificent with blue-in-green soft serene cloud-like floating aspect

questions have become all in all

being fish/remembering


2 thoughts on “Fish swimming wildly in the pond today

  1. put one of those tabs in the pond — what was it ?– trying now to remember a very far away childhood thing — anyway — red and cherry and very fizzy — evidently my fish like ’em too — only theirs are blue like jazz.

    I guess it was Paul who added the fizzy tablet back to my life ………….

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