Whenever I clean my house, which I occasionally do, I do! — those who know me look skeptical, I like to look around afterwards and marvel —  marvel, I tell you — at what I’ve accomplished.  I don’t think it should be any different with drawing, painting, art. 

Indulge the sense of satisfaction over the amount of work accomplished.  Whatever it is you do, in the having done thus much of it.

For me it is fish.  Count these fish and you will have counted a lot!  And I really stocked the pond today.


2 thoughts on “Koi Pond Maintenance

  1. I know what you mean – I am allergic to housework but it must be done, and when done there is a great feeling (which, you would think, would make you want to do housework more often – if the Pavlov’s dog theory of motivation is anything to go by – but no!). That is a well stocked and lovely pond Aletha 🙂

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