After working on my drawing at the secret bunker studio, I took photos as I usually do.  Then got an odd notion.  Why not photograph the picture from below as one might see it if it were mounted high upon a wall.  (Sometimes that’s the only way you can photograph pictures when they’re housed somewhere.)  And as I saw how distorted the image became, I inclined to indulge the distortion in extravagant ways.  After that I was in search of distortion, the stretchier the water’s topography, the better.

When you’re photographing the real fish, their movements and the wave patterns are often stopped artificially or alterred greatly from what our brains tell us we see.

Photographing the drawing from every angle across its flat plane, I saw the fish begin to “swim” even more — round the curved edge of the earth’s watery.  Like koi explorers they looked to drop off the edge of the space-time.  And the blues widened like a curtain furling.

If I were to use these distorted photos of my drawing as reference images for other pictures, I could draw the distortion right in and jazz riff something new.  Or one could combine the distorted sections into a new “whole.”

Collage is possible, or rescrambled puzzle pieces made more puzzling.  Lots of improvisations possible as one follows the path.  Or the wave.  The fish wave.

I decided to treat my drawing like it was a real pond.  With real fish, who move.

4 thoughts on “Like a real pond

  1. It is good to look at things from a number of perspectives. I have always liked sitting on the roof of houses and considering from that perspective – often no-one notices you up there, which I find liberating. I think your fizzy water may have some sherbet powder in it (do you have sherbet in the US? might be called something else).

  2. I don’t know if we have sherbet in the US … I’m not familiar with the word, though a rose by another name maybe?

    Sitting on the roof sounds wonderful.

  3. I remember Pixy Stixs and Sweet Tarts, and there was also something that came in a tablet that you could put in a drink and it fizzed and was sweet. But, oh, the length of this trip backwards!

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