on light bright air melodious insects/ swill silence, drink a void/ cicadas shimmer the green leaves/ in electric chatter emanating lines/ of choral contrapunctal waves which/ ebb and really swell with dilating buzz/ in brightening unmoored yet tautened sound

the singing’s vibration wavers not fast enough/ to transmute energy into matter/ though they create dreams and thought fabrics/ whose flutters and unfurled folds/ loosening unfix the mind’s atmosphere/ raises it aloft, afloat in porous delight


6 thoughts on “somewhere between energy and matter is thought

  1. I am — we are — channelling McPaulus for sure. He was always encouraging people to write. He encouraged me in my painting, but I’ve decided to try the writing too. However, mine are not-poems. I need that little caveat to give myself permission.

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