Work hard, but remembering:

all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

You must play too.  Combine them and you’re half way down the road to being Leonardo da Vinci.


4 thoughts on “Carefree corollary to the previous post

  1. I play with my kids – dolls with Tessa and handball with Michael, we also play ‘ship wreck’ on the beach where we pretend we have been marooned on a deserted island and we have to find food, start a fire and build a shack to shelter in – so much fun.

  2. I want to play ship wreck! Oh, my kingdom for a beach! Well, actually, we have a beach kind of near by. The ocean is within driving distance of a few hours — that’s if it were just a distance in miles. But for our beach you must brave very heavy traffic jams over a magnificent bridge (the Chesapeake Bay bridge at Annapolis, MD). And the faint hearted of us just give up! Or drive a long, long way to North Carolina.

    Or, me, I paint koi. But no fire! No marshmellows! No shack! Boo woo ….

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