fish like food

but are like emblems/ as symbols or digits of encryption/ for bold vigor, a shimmering shiny idea/ such swift action, delicacy, grace, gregarious garrulousness or volubility

you could draw the folds of the bed covers and find ripples and waves that resemble currents in water/ and the dreams of your sleep move like the fish/ at the bed’s edge you peer forward to see better, they swim into your angle of vision/ a glimpse is just a fragment/ the whole pond holds all the fish

the fish swim in and out as fleeting thought do/ hold the attention a moment then dissove from sight/ folds away into another narrative

thoughts that dart, dive, are gone/continue swimming somewhere below the surface/ felt pushing heavy curtains of gravity forward/ forward only alas


3 thoughts on “fish like food

  1. Thanks for the link Aletha. I love your writing especially the last stanza – the idea of thoughts diving into the unconscious and still swimming is brilliant (wish I’d thought of that). These fish almost look like they are in outer space and floating around the blue world – I like that idea – my parents have an abstract painting which has silver apples floating in space near the moon, reminds me of that.

  2. I am always wondering what the fish mean. I know they mean things, just as our dreams do, but I’m not always sure what. I discover things bit by bit. I should do some fish floating near the moon — what an enchanting image.

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