The first one was very murky and mysterious.  (I have to go back to that mystery pond sometime just for joy.)

Then came this one with plump fishes.

This one had graceful Olympic swimmers who leave ripples in their wake.

The fourth large koi drawing has determined divers at its center, especially one very cheeky little orange fishy.

And this most recent one has crazy wild swimmers in a pond that’s dark like an evening sky.

I just wish I had a bit more wall space.  You can be sure this pond would get really big.  I could give up sleeping when it’s possible to dream this much wide awake.


5 thoughts on “When dreaming while awake, how grand not to sleep

  1. When I made the first large koi drawing, I was working on the floor, had spread out two large masonite panels over the carpet so I’d have a large hard flat surface. And, like my Australian hero Emily Kame Kngwarrey, I had to lean over my work to see and very often had only oblique views of it. And I used a very abstractish image as my source. So it’s very different from the later pictures. But I’d like to return to this kind of image again sometime. I enchanted me in ways that are hard to describe.

    Each kind of work has its peculiar lessons and memories.

  2. I often look at your myriad koi paintings and imagine myself completely, serenely surrounded by them – even on the floor and ceiling. I can easily visualize an entire museum/gallery room filled with them – rather like viewing Monet’s water lily paintings…

    It’s a wonderful dreamlike imagining – one that you get to experience every day.

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