When I painted this back in August of 2002 my secret bunker studio was “brand new” (new to me).  Had just moved in and the space was very open and empty.  Zen like.  Just the thought of it rekindles a sense of mysterious possibilities.

The space has seen many transformations since that early time.  I have done a lot of work, made a bunch of paintings.  And it’s getting crowded in there — all those fish and a few other dreams besides.

The little place has its magic, that’s for sure.  Even if it lacked its modern day security system it would still be a charmer.

I love my studio.  I really do.  But nonetheless, I could use a bigger place.

This property would be nice.  I like the light a lot.  And it’s got nice architecture.  But I don’t want any movie stars bothering me while I’m working.  I’ll have to make sure I post a sign, “please, no movie stars.”

My kid, though, has been less burdened by architecture than me.  Was a time when she could carry her whole studio in her arms.  And I have to hand it to her, her method has had great utility.

Draw any time, anywhere.  Be free as a bird.  Let the world be your studio.


10 thoughts on “the pictures where they live

  1. Your daughter is gorgeous and certainly in on to something there. I had to laugh at that door with the hand prints on it – it looks like that door is never used so I am assuming there is another entrance – don’t tell us to much or you’ll have to put the cone of silence over our heads 😉

  2. So many beautiful things in this post,
    the top painting, les poissons et le chale, un de mes préférés.
    Le studio bunker, la lumière y est superbe (mon studio est au sous-sol, pas de lumière naturelle…)
    et ta fille artiste sage sans trop de matériel a trimbaler dehors…trop mignonne!
    And I would trade studio with Picasso even with Brigitte Bardot”s visit.

  3. My daughter is older now, Gabe. And she’s still cute too! I would have to use the cone of silence on you … but I’m usually under it myself. (Got to get some peace and quiet somehow — can’t always be at my studio….)

  4. Ben, you are right. I guess I’d take that studio, too — sigh — even if it was lousy with movie stars all day long. But, shame on me, if Brigitte dropped by she could help me with my French. [“Lousy” is a slangy idiom for bunches of somethings — movie stars in this case.]

    merci beaucoup pour ces gentils encouragements

  5. If Brigitte is helping you, you will be talking with a very very sexy french accent. Can be useful to negotiate the renting of that studio!
    Thank you for the explanation of lousy, new to me in that sense.

    And I forgot to say that I love the guardian dog with discouraging teeth drawn by your daughter.
    It is so nice you have a picture of both of them.

  6. Saw your name at another blog and just came to look around.
    I love that big picture on top, I just keep seeing things in it.

    “No movie stars” ha ha ,monsters ,pretty fish – wow what a great post!

  7. opoetoo

    I’m glad you like the post and glad you like the big picture at the top. It’s one of my favorites too, reminds me why I wanted to be a painter.

    Thank you for your comment. — Aletha

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