My kois in progress and my landscape in progress, below.

Don’t know if it’s just me, but I see a bit of koi in my landscape and a bit of landscape in my evolving koi drawing.   They sit next to each other on a shelf.  I think they’re conspiring.  They want to dream themselves into twins.


5 thoughts on “When trees are koi, can koi be trees?

  1. Yes, I can see it now (I’m sure Ben would spot it straight away) – it is like themes in my poetry (the sames ones just keep popping up, even if I deliberately try to move away from them – our subconcious is in control always, unless we go out of our way to have a conversation with it in a dream state – dream alchemy – have you heard of it?

  2. I wasn’t sure, Gabe, because those koi are always swimming into things — those clever little fishy fish. And subconscious activity, yes — hard to escape from those themes that you don’t know you are creating. I had not heard of “dream alchemy” — will have to look into it. I can believe that the kois are alchemists. For sure.

  3. Tu vois des kois dans ce paysage et moi, parce que je suis dans ma période portraits je vois des gens couchés, le visage regardant le ciel ou la route.
    Mais je vois aussi des kois se faufilant autour de ces personnes.
    For Gabe: you have to do a little french, it is fun to go from one language to the other. I said that I saw people leaning, looking at the sky or at the road but I also see kois squeezing around these people.

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