A poet must work on the material which makes most demands on him, or he will arrive at a false position.  One is always learning, and it probably takes a lifetime to know what one is born to write, but at least its characteristics recur, and one recognizes what belongs to one’s own ground. — Vernon Watkins (1906-1967)

2 thoughts on “Art Quote du Jour

  1. I’m begun reading more poetry since Paul’s death, and Vernon Watkins was someone I’d come across whose name I’d never heard, and I got curious and started reading a little about him. Set my thoughts musing on questions of renown verses the just being an artist, writer, or one’s just living one’s life.

    Since Paul’s death poetry has become very important to me (it was happening while he was living too, but has deepened), and now I sort of begin to look upon it as his legacy. I got an inheritance from Paul, and it was to learn to read poetry again and with a freedom I had never known previously.

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