Invention for its own dear sake

After the enjoyable ébauche of a painting-in-progress comes the picture that is sketchy from start to finish, l’ébauche pour l’ébauche that you make just because.  Indulgent and improvisational, the picture has one stage only, one that celebrates the present tense.  I let myself paint without thinking, experiment with no rules, complete freedom and whimsy reign.  To have an agenda or not to have an agenda, that is the question. And I ponder if for ten minutes or until the cows come home.  My choice.

To work , to rework a surface, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to lightly glance over the whole image in the most summary and gauzy manner, and by opposing end them.  That ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.  And snap, the wish is real.

That kind of painting.  Been doing it.

ébauching the ébauche

The ébauche is the first fast sketch when you cover up the canvas, when you put things into their places.  It’s a “point and shoot,” direct from the hip kind of painting.  I guess every artist loves that aspect, the part where you mould reality, when you allow yourself to respond to what you see with minimal intervention between thought and execution or between feeling and intention.  Indulgent, I can not wait to finish one picture before beginning another.  Instead I have lined my canvases up,  a regular “Monet,” me and I move from one idea to another– then make the circuit again as though playing the child’s game of musical chairs. 


And when the music stops, one of the pictures will be done, and it’s time to put on some more music.

Languid skies stretch out in proportioned measures

Languid skies stretch out in proportioned measures of feint blue and violet layers, hanging over green meadow mixed with sand, a color with a veil of atmosphere added to it, three parts green and two parts sand and one part atmosphere. The air full with the sound of cicadas buzzing their electric message in waves that crest and crash onto a shore of insect purpose.  One part atmosphere mixed with cicada sound added into three parts green and one part ochre ….